At White Spire School we strive to provide a stimulating and caring environment promoting success, achievement and learning for life by working with the student, enabling them to fulfill their full potential.

As an all age school, White Spire has the advantage of offering its pupils a consistent and continuous approach to learning -

  • We seek to develop academic and personal qualities to prepare the pupil to become an independent, active and positive member of the community.
  • The focus for learning centres on the individual pupil, meeting their needs and challenging them to progress at their own pace and level of development.
  • A wide range of off-site activities and visits are an integral aspect of our learning programmes, including community and work.
  • We work closely with several mainstream schools and colleges, building partnerships enabling some pupils to work there in a part-time or full-time capacity.
  • Admissions to the school are through the Local Authority (LA). Children admitted to the school all have a statement of special educational needs where the school is the named provision. The school has a clear admissions policy that involves full discussion with all concerned professionals and parents.