White Spire School has a strong commitment to developing independence and helping our young people to move into the adult world.  A key aspect of this is helping students to develop employability skills and supporting them to find out about the options available to them.
With this in mind, we have produced a careers plan and policy which you can access below.  You may also wish to read the short information sheets which are targeted specifically at parents, teachers, pupils and employers.  Should any of our partners and stakeholders wish to find out more about our careers programme, including opportunities for you to get involved, please do contact us by the methods below.
We are obliged to publish details of our careers leader on our school website.  Careers Leaders have responsibility for the delivery of a school’s careers programme. Their role is to ensure, among other things, that:  
•    The school has a good careers programme that meets the expectations set out in the Gatsby Benchmarks. 
•    The school has published on its website details of its careers programme and arrangements for providers of technical education or apprenticeships to talk to pupils. 
•    The destinations of young people from the school are tracked and that this information is used to improve the effectiveness of the school’s careers programme.  
Our Careers Leader is Michelle White and she can be reached on 01908 373266  Michelle is responsible for ensuring that as a school we fulfil our obligations above.  She is a Level 6 qualified careers and also provides advice and guidance as appropriate to our students.
We have begun a robust process of review of our current offer against the Gatsby benchmarks and the CDI framework to identify gaps and support improvement.  On an annual basis we will re-evaluate our offer against these and subsequent government issued guidance or careers sector recommendations.  We also seek to gain feedback from key stakeholders such as our students, parents and carers and other external agencies with which we work to improve the service and ensure it meets current needs.   We also work closely with the local authority to provide and monitor destinations information and use this information about where our students progress onto, when they leave us, to further assess the impact of our careers programme.
We will be reviewing this document alongside:
-    Our careers policy and plan
-    Careers information for employers, teachers, students and pupils
-    Our provider access statement
by 1 September 2019 and on an annual basis thereafter, unless government issued guidance, careers sector recommendations or stakeholder feedback require us to do so prior to this date.

Careers Information for Employers

Careers Information for Parents

Careers Information for Students

Careers Information for Teachers

Careers Policy and Plan

Careers Policy Statement

Careers Policy and Plan