Behaviour Management, Restorative Principles and how they work at White Spire School.    

We use Restorative Principles as a guiding tool in behaviour management system, linked to a whole school reward points system. In White Spire School this develops a strong community and a supportive environment. In school we use circle time to share ideas, thoughts and feelings, and to discuss issues, good and bad, which may affect the pupils in the group.

Restorative principles give the opportunity for pupils and staff to get to know each other better. There is much less conflict between people who understand and respect each other. Where a conflict has occurred we have a team of trained staff who will facilitate a meeting between the parties once both sides have agreed to it taking place. The resolution will not work where either party is not ready to be open to listening and discussing what has happened and no pressure is put on those concerned to take part.

Much of the discussion is about feelings and the effects the incident has had on the victim so that the offender sees the real cost of their actions. We have been using Restorative Principles at White Spire for over 15 years and it has proven to be very successful in developing the White Spire family.