At White Spire School we use the internet as a fabulous tool for learning and playing. However, we know there are parts of the internet that are not so great which is why the schools internet connection (like all schools in Milton Keynes) is monitored and automatically filters out unwanted content.

An excellent page on e-safety can be found on the BBC's Webwise microsite

Internet filtering can also be done at home to protect your children from accessing unwanted content on the internet. Below is an easy to follow pdf guide on setting up this filtering on computer/laptops, X Boxes, Play Stations and even mobile phones.

Parental Control Settings

The guide is reproduced here by kind permission of Steve Kirkpatrick of Willow Tree Primary School.

More in depth information is available from (a not-for-profit organisation backed by the UK's biggest internet companies like BT, Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin Media.) is available for download below.

Internet Matters Online Safety Guide.

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